Doorwin Glazing supply spare parts for the fenestration industry, from handles and hinges to bi-fold doors and replacement glass. Doorwin Glazing provides all type of doors and windows parts. We supply all type of parts like lock, handel etc for doors and windows.

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  •  Door Handels, Door Hangies, Alumininum Door Fitting, Door Bolt, Door Lock Accessories, Head jamb
  •  Windows Frame, Windows Handels, Windows Hangies, Alumininum Windows Fitting, Windows Bolt, Windows Lock Accessories
  •  Many More for your home and office

Glazing is just another word for the glass in a door or window. The glazing in newer exterior doors like this one are made up of at least two layers of glass and sometimes three. Inert gas, usually argon, is injected between the glass layers to provide additional insulation.